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Natural Hair Perm

Natural Hair Perm

natural hair perming systemOrganic curl Systems is a permanent, natural hair perm system that is free of ammonia and thioglycolates. This gentle permanent suits all hair types and works between pH 4.5 to 8.2. Contains ingredients that help strengthen the hair and will soften during treatment. This permanent has been produced as naturally as possible, without loss of efficacy.

The perm is back. The key trends are soft waves full of volume and movement. The hair should look natural and be in excellent condition.

Organic Curl Systems is a revolutionary perming product that is free of ammonia and thioglycolate. Instead, it contains cysteamine HCL, which is a much milder ingredient. The neutralizer contains plant amino acid, which soothes and nourishes the scalp. The hair feels natural and regains its natural glow.

This gentle, no-ammonia formula works from inside out to create stunning curls, attractive waves, movement and shape, all while maintaining optimum moisture levels. Results are evenly and softly distributed from the root of the hair to the ends and is left soft, shiny and manageable with natural looking curls. No dry, frizzy locks here!

The rich variety of natural plant active ingredients, vitamin B5, and other certified organic ingredients in Organic Color Systems hair care products will provide a sustainable system for your clients to take home with them.

Organic Curl Systems is a revolutionary perming product, which is free from ammonia and thioglycolates. Enriched with plant amino acids, it works around the natural pH level of the hair, which is left undamaged by the process. Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all hair types.


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